When you have kids, it’s important to try and avoid stressful situations with your coparent. Part of being a parent is protecting your child from as much stress as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. However, if you If you sense that face to face interactions with your ex, while your kids are present won’t go smoothly, consider strategizing your approach or avoiding the interaction altogether.

What would you do if there was a giant pot of boiling water directly in front of you? Chances are, you wouldn’t dive in with both feet.

Instead, you’d probably avoid it for fear of getting burned. Now, apply this mentality to your relationship with your ex. An ounce of prevention…. Is worth a pound of cure.

There will be times when your ex tries to start an argument or insert unnecessary drama in the presence of the kids. Learning what to avoid and how to maneuver in these circumstances can make your life easier. Being proactive involves preparing for difficult situations, rehearsing responses, and trying various approaches that could divert or even improve the situation with your co-parent. But to do this you must recognize that you have options and that you are not powerless.

Co-parenting problems with your ex are not necessarily an unfixable tragedy however, the answers are not always easy.

Anticipation, planning and being one step ahead when entering tricky situations can go a long way.

Co-parent like a ninja. It can make a big difference for your child.