Content Sharing Guidelines

We love you sharing the work on Co-Parenting College as much as we love you reading it.

Work published on Co-Parenting College is protected by copyright laws, so there are just a few things to keep in mind:

•  You are welcome to share links to any content contained in Co-Parenting College. The truth is, we’ll love you for it.

•  You are welcome to quote up to 75 words of content from any article in your own blog articles as long as you attribute ownership as follows:

– Articles that do not have a specified author are written by me, so for these articles, please attribute Glenda Lux and as the source and create a link to the original Co-Parenting College article.

– Articles written by guest authors will be noted as such either in the title or in the ‘About the Author’ section at the end of the article. For these articles, please attribute the author noted in the bio with a link back to the original  article.

•  Unless you obtain my prior written consent the republication or reprinting of full or substantial sections of any articles word for word on the web is not permitted, even if you provide full credit and links back to Co-Parenting College.

•  You are not permitted to profit from the use of my content.

•  If you are wanting to print hard copies other than for personal use, please contact support for consent (which will never be withheld for a good cause).