Co-Parenting can be complicated…

Stay Sane, Be Wise and Give Your Kids What They Need.


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Co-parenting is difficult at the best of times.

Sometimes it feels like you need a degree. But you don’t have 4 years to make it better!

No one signs up for complicated co-parenting voluntarily. Certainly not you or your kids and that is why I created Co-Parenting College.

You need it now and you need it real.

Come on in, browse & learn.  I welcome you.


I’M Psychologist     GLENDA LUX

I specialize in helping families navigate the often difficult terrain of separation, divorce and co-parenting.

I keep you focused on what really matters: those little hearts you care about.

I can help YOU help your kids and in doing so give you peace of mind.

Speaking of mind…Let me help you stay sane and show you how to disengage, detach and unhook from your difficult co-parent and all the baggage that is attached.

Want to know more about me?

“There is no better feeling than helping a parent stabilize, nurture and lead their family to a better place.”

“Children need at least one parent who gets it, a parent who understands what is important, maintains perspective, and who can manage emotions responsibly.”

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Difficult co-Parenting:

Advice You Won’t Forget

This online course truly is Advice You Won’t Forget.

Fast track yourself to effective, down to earth, meaningful hands-on tools and resources you can start using today!

You don’t even need your co-parent to change! And I’m not kidding you.

How can you say no to that?

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