Sometimes parents feel guilty for the separation or divorce. As a result, they may want to fix problems that they simply can’t or make up for their children’s experience of conflicted co-parenting.

If you are holding onto the idea of being the perfect parent who can fix everything in your co-parenting situation, let that go.

You will never fix the behavior of your ex, so stop trying.  Trying to fix something that you can’t risks putting you through needless stress and can discourage other people from learning how to manage their own issues.

Your children don’t need you or the co-parenting dynamic to be perfect.

They do need you to be steady, though and for your home to be that predictable and level place where their nervous systems can be at ease.

Put your extra energy into creating an environment where you and your children can put your shoulders down and breathe freely.

It will never be about perfection! And that is the best news you will get all day.