EPISODE AUDIO Chatting with Glenda (podomatic.com)

This week on Sh*t I Learned From My Divorce, once again, Glenda Lux of Lux Psychology popped by to talk about her new creation…Co-parenting College!

Co-parenting College is an online resource for co-parents where Glenda helps exasperated co-parents “Stay Sane, Wise and Give Your Kids What They Need”.  Co-parenting College offers hands on practical help and information as well as an online course called Difficult Co-Parenting: Advice You Will Not Forget.


  • How to support your child when they are struggling with the other parent’s behavior. Do you jump right in and solve the problem or is there a different way to handle it?
  • What research says about how we co-parent affects our kids.
  • What triggers us and what are we going to do about it?
  • “You may not be able to make it better, but you can work towards not making it worse.”
  • “Don’t get stuck in the muck.”
  • Co-parenting is a perfect opportunity for modeling appropriate behavior for your children.

And much much more! You don’t want to miss this episode!